Durward 3.3-Pound Regular Ankl Weights


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A diver’s gear (wet suit, fins, B.C., tank, weights and regulator) can weigh anywhere from 40 to 70 pounds. The bulk of this weight is in the middle of your body – while over half of your buoyancy is below the waist. Reduce leg and fin buoyancy and alleviate back stress by wearing Durward Ankl Weights. Proper weight distribution is the key to comfortable diving. Divers encounter back pain and awkward maneuvering when the majority of added weight is located at the mid-section. Wearing Ankl Weights will counteract fin buoyancy and reduce back pain by distributing the weight more evenly.


  • Counteracts fin buoyancy so divers glide thru water with straight bodies
  • Maneuvering underwater is more natural and less weight is needed on the waist belt
  • Portable in the new mesh tote bag
  • 11"-13" size with 3.3 pounds per pair



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